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Live your best life possible
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Do you want to feelcalmer and more grounded? Looking for practical ways to decreasestress or anxiety?
Do you want to feelcalmer and more grounded?
Looking for practical ways to decreasestress or anxiety?

Live your best life possible – in and out of the workplace

We all want to be happy, healthy and live well … yet life sometimes has other ideas.

What change would make a positive difference to YOUR life?

Do you want to:

  • Learn effective, practical ways to manage your stress or anxiety?
  • Move into a new life phase well – such as return to work, redundancy, change career, retire?
  • Accept and adapt to a change you cannot control – e.g. significant health issue – and continue to live well?
  • Overcome a specific challenge or goal, or achieve a desired outcome – in or out of the workplace?

We all need to make changes to help us develop, grow, get to where we want to be and maximise the quality of our life.  Yet change is something that many of us struggle with, from time to time.

Well, by its very nature change brings unknowns – which can trigger fear, stress and anxiety as well as anger, confusion, avoidance and other emotions.  When we get caught up with all this it can negatively impact our sleep, our body and our mind – compromising not only our health and happiness, but also our ability to make clear decisions and take the action we need to move forward.

If you are struggling to make the change your life needs – I can help.

Here are some examples of the changes I have helped others make:

Anna had enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world for many years, but lately she was feeling unfulfilled and demotivated. She wanted to make a career change, but did not know where to start.  Together we explored what made her ‘tick’ and, importantly, what gave her life meaning and purpose so she could identify and explore new options. We also embedded some techniques so that she could manage the stress in her life more effectively, as well as her interview anxiety.  Now she has an exciting role within the charitable sector which gives her life the meaning and purpose she was looking for – and she is living a much healthier and happy life.

Stephen wanted to take on a major fitness challenge and had signed up for a triathlon. Training was going well and his overall fitness level was increasing – however the ‘swim’ leg had become a real challenge as he found he could not breathe properly when he immersed in cold water, which led to anxiety then panic. We worked on some practical techniques to enable him to manage the anxiety and breathe well – which he found also helped him to handle other stressful situations in life. He successfully completed the triathlon – and is now looking for his next big challenge.

David received a terminal diagnosis and was struggling to come to terms with being at the end of life.  He was so angry – with himself, with his body ‘letting him down’ and with the unfairness of the situation.  This was impacting not only his own quality of life, but that of those close to him too.  We worked on helping David to find more peace and acceptance with his diagnosis, as well as some practical tools to manage anxiety and panic which he was also experiencing.  This was transformational for David, as it enabled him to manage the anger – and the fear that was also present – and to rebuild healthy relationships those around him.  He also found that he was better able to manage his symptoms, his pain was reduced and his energy was boosted. In his words “I am now enjoying my life and living well, even though I am nearing the end of it – something I thought would not be possible”

Ella was progressing well in her career – she was a senior manager in a large global company and she was being encouraged to move into a new role which would bring another promotion.  The role would also require her to interact directly with Board members – however, just the thought of interacting with ‘Board people’ was making her feel physically sick and she was procrastinating about applying for the role.  She asked me for help and together we explored and identified what was behind her ‘fear of very senior people’.  I helped her to embed some tools and techniques that she could draw whenever she needed to be grounded and calm – which enabled her to overcome her fear and manage her reaction effectively.  She successfully secured the role – and the promotion – and is finding it enjoyable and fulfilling.

I have spent over 40 years in different roles in the corporate world – including managing the ‘people’ elements of change, career transition coaching and workplace mindfulness / wellbeing – as well as volunteer roles with patients at my local Hospice group.  This has given me many years of experience in enabling people to make effective changes – personally and professionally – that have positively transformed their lives.

How?  I help you to develop and embed new skills, tools and bring them practically into your life, to enable you to make the positive change you wish for.  And these skills are scientifically proven to decrease stress and anxiety and improve sleep, resilience and wellbeing (physical and mental) – so you can make your change … and live well too.

Let me enable you to make YOUR important life change happen – in or out of the workplace.

Contact me to arrange a complimentary 15 minute chat and explore what is possible.