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Every year on 1st January I go for a walk in the countryside where I live … with the intention of seeking out any snowdrops I may find.

And I inevitably find at least one brave little flower that has peeked its head out into the chill of the New Year.

For me, seeing the snowdrops is a sign of hope and optimism.  Nature tells us that, even though there will still be some dark days to get through, Spring is not far away.

Being hopeful and optimistic doesn’t mean seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses or being falsely positive. It simply helps us to acknowledge a full, realistic picture of the world – which includes positive times, as well as difficult ones.  And being hopeful is scientifically proven to be good for us too – not only is it linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression, but it also boosts our immune system and physical health too.

For me, seeing snowdrops emerging is a positive metaphor for life too. Sometimes it feels like we are caught up in the dark days, but just as in nature they too will pass … and there are brighter times ahead.

What are YOU hopeful or optimistic about, right now?